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UX Research You Can Trust

At Factorsixty we are proud to provide dependable, verifiable user experience research that is grounded in science, validated methods, and ISO standards. You can trust the insights we uncover to create products and services your customers truly love.

User research, user requirements, and more

There are needs and requirements that users can’t even express or don’t know they have. That’s why it’s not enough to only ask users what they need or what their problem is. This is where our other proven techniques, like in-context inquiries, observational field studies, focus groups, co-creation workshops, etc. step in. That’s where you need our expertise to capture authentic insights, distinguish true requirements from fleeting wishes, inform your product decisions, and spark innovation. Let us shed light on the blind spots!

Surveys, questionnaires, and quantitative research

Identify pain points and improvement opportunities, compare products, optimize your UX and support design decisions. All based on scientifically-validated and reliable methods, carried out by renowned experts and backed by hard numbers. You would not bet the future of your company on shaky data and guesswork. We won’t either.
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User Testing and Usability Audits

Clients trust us to find and fix usability problems while taking into account their business reality, goals, and deadlines.

We combine standards-based expert evaluations, such as ISO 9241 / IEC 62366, our Usability Iceberg approach, and other scientific methods to quickly identify and prioritize your most pressing issues. While you fix these ones, we follow up with well-designed user tests to find the deepest issues as well.

Prioritized issues, detailed insights, standards-based solutions, customized reports for various stakeholders. Get all this and more.
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Our approach

We master the widest range of UX research methods and have quite literally written the book on some of them. But we also know that user research needs to fit inside your business reality, constraints, and deadlines. That’s why we take your business reality into account when creating and executing the optimal research plan for you.

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