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Our "Usability Iceberg" Approach

We have developed an innovative approach to quickly get a feeling for the usability and UX issues and risks affecting your product. We call it the “Usability Iceberg Method” — read on to see how it works.

Spotting the Tip of the Iceberg

The biggest part of an iceberg is hidden under water. Yet, by looking only at its tip, you can estimate the iceberg’s size, movement, and risk.

Like an iceberg, the true extent of your product’s usability and UX issues is hidden. Our “Usability Iceberg Method” uses rapid, low-effort/high-impact techniques based on ISO 9241 to quickly measure  the tip of your usability iceberg: your product’s most visible UX & usability issues.

This way we quickly focus you to fix the obvious issues. At the same time we also estimate the true size of your product’s “usability iceberg”, which comes handy in the next step.

Diving Deeper When Needed

Now that you know the true size of the challenge, you can assess business risk and plan the next steps in peace. Here we help you de-risk your software’s usability and increase user satisfaction even further.

Our support includes a wide spectrum of services, from hands-on interventions to deeper research and user testing to a full strategy of UX activities, recommendations, tests and KPIs to support your next steps in the most efficient way.

Our staggered approach with the Usability Iceberg saves you time and gets you the most value from your investment.

Getting Peace of Mind and Maximum ROI

Analysis and recommendations from a business perspective, details on “problem nests”, prioritized issues ready to import in JIRA, recommendations tailored to your business goals and development roadmap, standards-based correction plans, and much much more.

Whether starting small with our “Usability Iceberg Method” or going big with user testing and our other specialized usability methods, we chart you a safe course to maximum improvement and ROI for your UX efforts. Book a free call or contact us today.

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