Overview of our services

Factorsixty helps businesses make money by making their products and websites usable according to the ISO9241 Usability Standard. Unlike others, we are certified in Usability Engineering according to ISO 9241 and we master the widest range of usability methods and tools.

Our Usability Audits and Expert Reviews optimize your product with little cost and high impact. The Usability Reports we produce are in CIF ISO standard format, usable and understandable all over the world. They are targeted to both managers at a strategic level and product developers at a day-to-day level to solve problems, save money, and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

We do all kinds of prototyping, low- to high-fidelity, both software and hardware, to keep your development costs low by getting insight as early as possible in the development cycle.

Usability and user-centered development are crucial for any project, so we gladly consult your business on the right way to implement them. We also organize usability and UX workshops with your team so they can learn to recognize and correct mistakes early and fast by themselves.

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