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Design Thinking: A User-Focused Innovation Approach

Design thinking is a powerful user-centered approach that excels at fostering innovation and creativity within your team. By deeply understanding user perspectives, design thinking lets you create products and experiences that delight your customers and enable you to face market challenges with efficiency and elegance.

While design thinking is very powerful process, it is sometimes applied rigidly as a solution to everything. Such superficial design thinking efforts can fail to produce meaningful innovations, leading to disillusionment. Our experts understand design thinking’s strengths and limitations from experience across many industries and projects. We guide clients on a sure path to adopt design thinking in cases where it fits, and we offer alternative approaches when it doesn’t.

Our Design Thinking Services

Innovation workshop / ReCreative Spark

Over time, even the most innovative teams can fall into ruts and habitual thinking.

Our innovation workshops and ReCreative Spark workshops bring perspectives from across industries to help teams escape ruts and re-ignite creativity. We facilitate exploration, push participants beyond the obvious solutions, and give your team new creative impulses.

Design thinking expertise and support for your team

From working alongside your team, to optimizing your process, to combining design thinking with other approaches, our experts provide the right assistance tailored to your needs. With over a decade of experience applying design thinking in a wide range of contexts, we bring expertise, new solutions and opportunities.

Design thinking seminars & keynotes

We showcase the design thinking approach with its advantages and limits, and outline the organizational commitments required to best take advantage of it.

We work with them to identify how design thinking can complement their existing expertise, simplify their processes, and make their job more enjoyable — all while creating customer-focused products.

The seminar can also be offered as a keynote integrated in another event. It is particularly effective for companies wishing to focus on innovation and user-centered product development.

Design thinking training

When you are committed to design thinking, this is the in-depth design thinking training for your teams. Our immersive approach enables hands-on practice in key methods of understanding users, ideation, prototyping of creative and innovative solutions, validation, and user testing. Teams put their learnings into practice through real-world innovation challenges tailored to your needs.

Give your team the skills they need to jump ahead of competitors.

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