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Human Factors & Risk Assessment

When lives or livelihoods are on the line, software and systems cannot fail. Our team brings deep human factors expertise and research to ensure your critical systems are designed for safety, efficiency, and reliability. We employ a variety of cross-validated human factors methods to analyze and lower risks and to create optimal products for your users’ needs.

Human factors

A user-focused approach is the bare minimum when a simple usability mistake can have consequences for life and property.

We go into the danger zone with your users to experience their challenges first hand. We employ and cross-validate multiple techniques, including participatory design, co-creation, contextual inquiry, prototyping, and cognitive task analysis to deeply understand the environment and tasks your users face. (We quite literally wrote the book on methods to use in such critical contexts.)

Our human factors experience encompasses disaster management, healthcare & medical, industrial control, IoT, trading, etc. You can count on our expertise to do the work right. “Almost right” is not an option.

Software ergonomy & risk assessments

Standards-based risk assessments about software ergonomy and usability are crucial for many regulated industries.

In addition, Switzerland and several EU countries require risk assessments for the workplace, to avoid occupational hazards and stress caused by the software and work tools your employees use.

Whether risk assessments are mandated for your industry, or you want to ensure compliance with employee protection laws, we are able to assess, diagnose and resolve the root causes efficiently, within your business constraints. Call us or schedule an free consultation appointment – the best time to act is now.

Expert opinions regarding human factors, UX, usability, and software ergonomy

Sometimes, an impartial look from a trusted, experienced, and cool-headed expert is necessary to get everyone on the same page, create an accord, and resolve deadlocks.

We provide a fresh look at issues, document and analyze causes, and recommend ways to address the difficulties you may be facing.

Trusted, impartial experts at your service – just one call away.

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