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The ISO 9241 Questionnaire

Our ISO 9241 Questionnaire is a scientifically designed and validated measuring instrument, best used for assessing and benchmarking the usability of e.g. business software, consumer and B2B applications, internal systems and many more.

Our analysis report provides not only a diagnosis, but a business-prioritized, actionable list of problems and recommendations you can address directly after reading our report.

What we can do with the ISO 9241 Questionnaire

  • Identify concrete pain points for your users
  • Compare your software to competitors
  • Track your software’s improvement
  • Assess workplace risks; find out why employees get burnout
  • Measure usability and compliance to the ISO 9241-110 standard
  • Compare software packages to help you decide on a purchase

Streamlined, fast process & answers

  1. Short call to define your goals and timeframe
  2. We set up questionnaire and gather responses
  3. As soon as enough responses arrive, you get a preliminary result
  4. We analyze the responses in depth, think about your business priorities, and write a detailed report with charts, insights, comparisons, and actionable recommendations. Then we present and discuss the findings with your team.

What’s next?

The moment you receive our report, you can set off improving your product! We prioritize problems according to your business goals, giving an action plan and highlighting the 20% fixes that will give you 80% improvement.

We’ll be happy to support you further, if you wish. We can carry out the action plan for you, train your in-house team or create a bullet-proof usability process to prevent repeat problems, or give you access to our questionnaire platform, so you can repeat the questionnaire and verify improvements any time you wish.

Book a free call, tell us your aims, and we’ll be happy to suggest.

How soon can I get the results?

Usually 5-10 days, with most of the time spent waiting for enough users to answer.

The final report takes us a few days to think about and prepare thought-out, trustworthy advice tailored to your business goals, presented in a way that is easy to understand and act upon.

Are there any privacy implications with the 9241 questionnaire?


The questionnaire does not require any personal data and is anonymous. As an extra caution, we anonymize and summarize any free-form entries and comments as well. Our servers are located in the EU and Switzerland, under the tightest data protection rules.

What does this have to do with burnout?

Software is a leading source of psychological risks for many occupations. This includes stress, burnout, etc. The ISO 9241 Questionnaire is one of our frequently-used tools to assess software-related psychological risk in the workplace. It allows us to objectively verify whether employees face any undue burdens due to bad usability of software.

This topic is legally relevant in many EU countries. Schedule a free call and we’ll be happy to guide you on this topic.

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