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Research-based, standards-oriented usability, UX & accessibility

We are a Swiss consultancy specializing in research-based and standards-oriented usability and UX.

Our expertise encompasses all facets of user-centered design and development for software and products in fields as diverse as Finance, Insurance, Energy, Logistics, Large-scale IoT, Emergency management, Medical & healthcare, Industrial control, Governance & Civic Engagement, etc.

As a Certified Usability Engineer she’ll uncover all the hurdles that stand between you and an efficient environment and great User Experience.

Leading UX & usability engineer for complex systems and critical environments. Winner of multiple research awards, acclaimed keynote speaker.

As a communication designer, she makes things work, rather than just pretty. No matter if your product is digital or physical, you can expect it to be on-target and thought out.

She does and knows everything that is going on. Talk to her and get answers, appointments, and the latest about what’s going on at Factorsixty.

A wealth of expertise, hands-on and certified

Our experts have backgrounds and active skills in real-life Software Engineering, Business Administration, Communication, Marketing, etc. We can speak at eye level to all stakeholders and deeply understand their concerns without any friction.

We know how business works and we know you don’t always start from a green field. We choose the methods that are best for each specific client and case, giving you the highest return on your usability investment.

Our job is not only to run at your speed, but to help you run faster.

Fraunhofer-certified Usability Engineers

We are certified as Usability Engineers by the Fraunhofer FIT Institute, one of the leading Usability training and certification agencies in Germany. The Fraunhofer certification is famous for its strict criteria and high professional standards.

Logo Certified Professional for Medical Software

Certified Professionals for Medical Software

MDR, MDD, ISO 13485, IEC 62366, ISO14971, ISO 9241, IEC 60601, IEC62304. Many standards need to be followed for medical products, but we know how to fulfill their requirements with the least overhead possible.

Certified Requirements Engineers

Good user requirements stand at the foundation of successful product development. We have both the experience and the certification to do requirements correctly.

IAAP Certified Accessibility Professional (CPACC) badge

Certified Accessibility Professionals

The importance of accessibility cannot be overstated, both as a legal requirement and as a market opportunity. You can rely on our accessibility audits and guidance on the shortest path to compliance.

Certified for Scrum, agile, and classical project management

Agile, iterative, classic, or hybrid management approaches: we are certified and will fit seamlessly with your team. We are not religious on any approach, but we are religious about delivering excellence.

Dependable, verifiable insights and advice beyond a shadow of doubt

Our clients trust us to provide dependable, verifiable insights and advice beyond a shadow of doubt. Our work follows ISO 9241, IEC 62366, WCAG, and other internationally-defined standards, processes, and laws. Scientifically-validated methods ensure our research is bias-free, effective, to the point, and quick.

ISO 9241 Usability Engineering

The word “Usability” has been used and abused to mean different things to different people. For general software we work according to ISO 9241, the world standard on usability.

CIF ISO 25062 Reporting for Usability

Our usability reports are standardized in the “Common Industry Format”. They are customized for each stakeholder, actionable from the first line, and importable in Jira.

IEC 62366 & IEC 60601-1-6 Medical Devices

Our experience with the development of software, hardware, and electronics allows us to smoothly support all three aspects of development for your medical device.

FDA Guidance on Human Factors & 

The US FDA requirements for medical devices are not the same as the EU. We keep both sets of requirements in mind when supporting the development of your medical device.

IEC 62304 Medical Device Software Lifecycle

The development of medical device software has strict lifecycle requirements. We take care to respect these requirements and integrate our work into your product development process.

ISO 14971 Medical Device Risk Management

Usability mistakes are an essential contributor to risk in medical devices. We help you to avoid and resolve usability problems, as well as to  estimate and manage residual risk.

ISO 9241-171 & WCAG Accessibility

Accessibility has become an essential requirement not only for users, but also from the legal point of view. We rely on ISO 9241-171 and WCAG to ensure your desktop software as well as your web apps and websites are accessible.

EN 301 549 Accessibility Standard

With 2025 on the horizon and uncomfortably close, it is crucial for your products to comply with the European Accessibility Act. To ensure a smooth and reliable compliance with the EAA, we base our recommendations and guidance on this harmonized standard.

A selection of clients who put their trust on us

Clients from B2B corporations, B2G enterprises, and public administration trust us to identify opportunities, overcome hurdles, and optimize their products’ UX and usability for easy, efficient, and engaging use.

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