Prototyping is the best way to get feedback on a design fast and at low cost. It is also an essential part of usability engineering. Interface prototyping enables you to do user testing with very low cost and before you have designed an architecture or written a single line of code. This way your architecture will be well-prepared to fulfill all of the users’ needs; your development and lifecycle maintenance costs will also be cut by 60 to 150 times.

We can accompany you through the entire process of prototyping and design thinking. From low fidelity to high fidelity, digital or physical — we work with a wide variety of tools and methods. From pen and paper to wireframing and simulations up to 3D printing with our Prusa i3, we will have just the right thing for you to test early, test often, and save tons of money, time and nerves.

Our 3D Printer